Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Painting talk

Composition is a very important part of all art making.  In abstraction it is part of what pulls the painting together.  Allows the painting to " flow". 

 I have been preparing for a class I am teaching "Next Level Oil and Cold Wax Intensive" (still 2 opening left) Register here.

 During the class we will talk about composition.  For that I have been challenging myself to try different "composition styles"

Here are 2 examples of cruciform or cross compositions:

1. The light blue divides the picture and draws the eye to each area. 

Evening shade, 6x6", oil and cold wax on panel, $100
2. A gentler color pallet but still with a cruciform /cross composition.

5 square, 8x8", oil and cold wax on panel, $160

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