Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Can Computers Interpret Abstract Art

Reading the mail today I found this interesting article on "Hyperallergeic". (see link below)

 The article takes you through a few interpretations of paintings by a computer which is comical, interesting but not emotional or personal.  For me that is what art is about, the emotion how it touches something inside. Here is a quote from the article which expresses my view:

'Yet even if computers could respond to art emotionally, it seems doubtful it would ever enrich them the way it enriches us, which has implications for how meaningful their artistic insight might be. Art lovers often return to the same paintings repeatedly over long stretches of time, gaining a deeper relationship with the work that nourishes their understanding of it. Could machines ever really experience that?'

I wonder what the computer would say about this painting???

Narrative, 36x36, oil and cold wax on panel, $3200.

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