Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Robert Frank's "The American's"

I actually took the time to read "Art in America" this month and I have found several great articles. "Another trip through the American's" by Leo Rubinfen is about Robert Frank's wonderful look at America in the 1950's. In Frank's work he demonstrates the difference of the "abundance Americans enjoyed" and the truth of our world in the 50's. I think it must have shattered many viewers concept of the "good old days". The photographs are traveling across the country and will end up at the Met in NYC in the Fall a must see. ( west coast they are in San Fransisco as we speak)

It makes me want to get the film out , get in the darkroom and watch the magic.

Quote for this post: Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite – getting something down. (Julia Cameron)

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