Friday, November 7, 2008


Since my last post I spent a week in New Mexico in the Georgia Okeefe landscape and it was fantastic. I can't say I painted any masterpieces but the experience will never leave and I am already starting to incorporate some of my "minds eye" images into my newest paintings. I have attached several pics of the landscape and the artist and her work. Have fun. The most challenging part of the whole experience is learn to paint out doors. I guess if I was Okeefe painting from 7-5 every day I would get the hang of it.

Second trip was to High Point, NC to the Internationl Furniture trade show and all the bells and whistles that go along with that. Art Imaage is the company the carries my work. I was featured in their show room and in the Swaim Show room. Art Immage is located in Atlanta, Ga and has been very good about getting work in different venues.

Lastly, is the opening at the Asheville Area Arts council tonight Nov 7, plus I'm now a permanent artist at Asheville Gallery of Art, boy has it been a wild trip.

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